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Confirmation catechesis

Catechesi for both 8th and 9th grade is fixed on Wednesdays - usually the first and third of the month. They start with a mandatory Mass at 18.00, and continue with catechesis from 18.30-20.15.


For 9th grade, we also offer catechesis on Saturdays. Confirmants with a long journey (eg. Egersund etc.) can participate in the Saturday lessons from 8th grade. This group is not for confirmants in 8th grade living in Stavanger or Sandnes. Exceptions can be made, but then you must contact the coordinator. Confirmants with a long journey will be given priority. The teaching is from kl. 10.00- 14.00, one Saturday a month. 


The confirmants choose which group they want to participate in:

Wednesday classes which are 2 hours, twice a month.

Saturday lessons which are 4 hours, once a month.


Notice of Confirmation

In connection with the confirmation, we need some information about the confirmant and the sponsor. For the sake of simplicity, we therefore ask that you fill in the form called "Konfirmasjonsmelding" / "Notice of Confirmation". Remember that you must also submit a baptismal certificate for children who have not received baptism or first communion in Norway. We also need a baptismal and confirmation certificate for the sponsor (unless the sacraments have been received in Norway). Get in touch if you should experience problems obtaining the certificates.



As a compulsory part of the teaching, camps are arranged for the confirmants. 8th grade goes during the fall semester and 9th grade during the spring semester.



The confirmation catechesis costs NOK 1200 per confirmant and can be paid either through bank or vipps.


Account number: 2801 53 98142 - mark the payment with the confirmant's name and class.

Vipps: # 589798 Write the confirmant's name and class as text.


Contact the parish office if you experience payment issues.

Wednesday classes in 2022/2023
Saturday classes in 2022/2023
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