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Infection Control Measures

Oppdatert: 4. feb. 2022

Routines and rules for Mass celebrations in St. Svithun parish

Applies to from. 02.02.2022

Infection control:

1. It is no longer mandatory with a facemask for events indoors and the distance of meters has been removed at fixed assigned seats. Visitors must themselves consider keeping 1 meter to others than their own household when it comes to:

a. going up to receive communion

b. praying in front of the Altar and lighting votive candles

c. at the entrance and exit to the church

2. The church can have 300 seats (6 people on a bench). The gallery is only reserved for choir members, organist and cantor. The sanctuary is reserved only for priests, sacristans and ministers. The sacristy is reserved only for those serving in the Mass.

3. Visitors are responsible for infection detection in the event of a positive test for the coronavirus.

4. The priest who celebrates the mass is responsible for ensuring that the infection control measures are taken care of at the mass. Upon inspection, the priest will be held accountable.

5. Church guards are responsible for being in place well before the Mass starts and staying until all visitors have left the church after Mass. They have the task of:

a. making sure that visitors find a seat in the benches.

b. preventing queuing and gathering of people both at the

entrance and exit.


6. Opening hours for the church follow the Mass times (30 minutes before the Mass begins on weekdays).

7. Benches: We use all the benches. There can be up to 6 people in each bench. Households can sit closer together.

8. Communion: We go up to communion as usual. All visitors must keep a distance of 1 meter in the communion queue. It is only allowed to receive communion by hand.

9. Go out directly when the Mass is finished and do not stay in the church or stand at the entrance / exit. Private prayer and other talk can be done outside the church area.

10. The church doors are closed and locked when the mass begins on Sundays. The church guards must be available at the doors in case a fire or other emergencies occur during the mass.

11. Collection: The collection baskets are used in the traditional way. Vipps and bank terminal can also be used.

12. The sacristy: NO admission for the faithful / visitors in the sacristy. ONLY for priests, ministers and those who have a responsibility before and after the Mass.

13. Confession can be made in the chapel by appointment.

14. Church coffee is cancelled until further notice.

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