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Catechesis 1st to 7th grade
(Norwegian speaking)

For children in grades 1st-7th we have catechesis one Saturday a month. At the catechesis, the children learn about the Catholic Church's faith, and they get the opportunity to create a Catholic community with children of their own age.

In order for children and young people to have a good and close relationship with faith and the Church, cooperation between church and home is absolutely necessary. We therefore encourage adults and children to regularly go to mass together, also in catechesis masses!

Teaching in 1st-7th class

In St. Svithun, it is possible to choose between two groups when it comes to teaching:

          - Group 1 begins with catechesis at 10:00-12:00, then mass at 12:00 (finished at 13:00).

          - Group 2 begins with mass at 12:00, then catechesis at 13:00-15:00.

First Communion

Receiving our Lord Jesus Christ in Holy Communion is a sacrament that nourishes us daily. Receiving it for the first time requires preparation so that children are aware of the meaning of this gesture.

The basic course for children who will receive First Holy Communion starts in 2nd grade and lasts up to and including 3rd grade (this is a 2-years program).

But it's never too late! Children in grades 4th-7th can also prepare for First Holy Communion by following two years of regular catechesis education + an extra course on the Eucharist and confession.


The catechesis fee is NOK 500 for one child and NOK 700 for a family (two child or more).


Payment can be made through bank or Vipps:

Account number: 3000.65.49108 - label the payment with the child's name, class and group.

Vipps: #589798 (KATEKESE - St. Svithun Menighet) - write the child's name, class and group as text.

Contact the parish office if you experience problems with payment.

Registration for 2024-2025 is opened on our website.

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